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Last Will And Testament

While a handwritten will is valid in Texas, it is best that one have the Will prepared by an attorney licensed in Texas, and not to have the Will that is of great personal import to one and one’s family constructed by oneself or a notary public not licensed to practice law. While a notary public is not involved in the creation of the Will, a notary public plays an important role in the signing of the Will.

The Will is made and executed by a testator (a male creating the Will) or a testatrix (a female creating the Will). It is witnessed by two independent witnesses qualified by law, and notarized by a notary public. An affidavit is signed by all parties before the notary public, which serves as proof of the Will, and dispenses the need for the witnesses to testify in person at the time of the probate hearing to admit the Will to probate, and appoint the executor or executrix of the Will and estate.