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Your Living Trust Plan

Know more about a lifetime plan that allows you to have beneficial use and control of your estate during your lifetime; have your estate and medical concerns managed by a trusted party should you become disabled or incapacitated; and, have your estate privately distributed at the time of your death while avoiding probate.

David Nevarez Law El Paso Wills and Probate Attorney

Wills and Probate

Know more about making a last will and testament to distribute your estate by administration of probate; about probating a last will and testament of a deceased family member or friend for distribution of the estate; and, about having a probate court determine the identity and shares of the heirs of a family member who died without leaving a last will and testament, and conduct the probate administration of the estate.

Powers of Attorney

Know more about having your financial and medical affairs managed without guardianship, in the event you are unable to handle them personally.

Power of Attorney
David Nevarez DN Law Residential Real Estate Attorney

Residential Real Estate

Know about how I help clients who are in need of representation in the sale or purchase of a home.

Traffic Tickets and Warrants

Know more about how I help clients who have been issued a traffic citation or citations in El Paso County, Texas; and, clients who have had warrants issued for their arrest by a court in connection with a ticket citation or citations that were not resolved.

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