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Traffic Tickets El Paso Attorney

I represent clients who were issued traffic citations for moving and non-moving violations issued by municipal police from the following cities, towns, and villages in El Paso County, Texas:

  1. El Paso;
  2. Socorro;
  3. Horizon;
  4. Clint;
  5. San Elizario;
  6. Anthony; and,
  7. and Vinton, Texas for moving and non-moving violations.

I also represent clients who are issued the same type of violations in El Paso County, Texas, by the following law enforcement officers:

  1.  Sheriffs;
  2. Constables; and,
  3. State Troopers.

I represent clients before and after their initial arraignment hearings, with the objective of getting the best outcome possible, including full dismissal of the violation(s).